Classy Gifts for Classy Dads

Classy Gifts for Classy Dads

Is your dad the kind who likes to keep things simple, without all the flash? While some call it boring, we call this style classic, and have some suggestions on what to give him this father’s day. Amaze your dad with a classy, sophisticated gift that he can actually use.


Minimalist Wallets With a Personal Touch

Wallets are a great way to keep it basic for father’s day, and these high-quality products even let you add a personal touch. Dads tend to use items like wallets until they barely stay together, and still avoid purchasing a new one. With Stayfine’s custom wallets, you can give him something he won’t be replacing anytime soon due to the durable construction and superior materials. These wallets and money clips come in a variety of styles, so you are sure to find the right product this Father’s day.

Leather Jackets


Don’t let him lie to you, your dad rocked the leather jacket back in the day, and would still be doing so if someone didn’t make him donate it. Let him relive the glory days with these classic designs found at the Jacket Maker. While some of the styles have changed, the nostalgia hasn’t, and your dad will appreciate the jacket upgrade. With dozens of design options, the Jacket Maker gives you plenty of quality products to choose from.

Stayfine Watches


There are thousands of watches to choose from, but finding something that fits the occasion is always a challenge, Whether the products are too expensive, unimpressive, or just impersonal, hopes of the perfect gift can start to diminish.Stayfine has the ideal solution for watch gifting that any dad would love. Priced at inder $60, these unique watches give you a high-quality, durable watch that you can also afford. If you're worried about your watch being impersonal, Stayfine offers personalized engravings and monograms. If you are looking for something that will give you a bag for your buck, these watches are it.

Voyager Compass


If your dad isn’t the watch type, you can still give him something to carry daily.This voyager compass is a striking option for the classy outdoorsman this Father’s day. With a stainless steel mirrored finish and intricate design, this compass is something your dad will adventure with forever. Ideal for use anywhere in the northern hemisphere, voyager compasses make for a diverse and unique gift, and at $133, they’re still a viable gift option for many. If you’re tired of giving the same things year after year, this engravable compass will offer a pleasant alternative.

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