Custom Engraved Men's Watches

Mens personalized watches are the best gift for every occasion, including treating yourself. Choose from our Classic Personalized Watches or Minimalist Personalized Watches and add a custom engraved message on the back of the dial. Whichever style you choose, you’ll be sure to find the perfect watch.

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Engraving is the creation of patterns on various types of surfaces by utilizing a precise tool or a laser beam. The engraving can be performed on numerous objects - jewelry, pens, advertising materials, as well as on the good old watches. Our men’s watch engraving is always executed on the back of the case, hiding a discreet message intended exclusively for the owner of the timepiece. 

Engraved watches rank exceptionally high on the pyramid of personalized gifts, remaining the preferred choice for both givers and receivers. By marking an important date or dedication, the magic of time will remind your loved one of all the pleasant moments in life. 


Can any watch be engraved?

At StayFine, our collection of men’s watches guarantee inch-perfect engraving ascribed to all the meticulous processes involved in the craft of watchmaking. The elegant gentlemen’s timepiece with a subtle inscription will touch even the most captious and arctic hearts. Gifting is an art of insightfulness and brilliance, not the process of rushed decision-making. And an engraved watch is your ultimate salvation.

Can all watches be engraved? Precious metals, including gold, platinum, or silver, will undoubtedly survive the art of carving. If you have a sapphire case strapped on your wrist, the engraving might be more expensive than the watch itself - that is, if something goes terribly wrong. In that case, inscribing should be reconsidered. 


Does Engraving a Watch Devalue It?

If you plan on reselling your precious men’s watch, it might be a good idea to practice restrain when it comes to engravement. Unless your persona might be worth millions of dollars and you get an exclusive offer for your watch, engraving an expensive Rolex will undeniably devalue the accessory. So if your name is not Madonna or George Clooney, rethink taking action. 

Ultimately, engraved watches are most often than not intended as a gift for a loved one. No one in their right mind will sell their most prized possession of a memorable act of love and kindness. Our watches for men are predestined for lifetime appreciation and embracing, explicitly designed for invaluable engraving. 


What Should I Engrave on My Husband’s Watch?

Do it right the first time. One of the current trends is engraving symbols, such as the rhythm of the heartbeat, which is the unspeakable proclamation of love. Look for inscriptions significant to the two of you, speaking to your husband’s personality, to the moments you have cherished together. Compose a message that perfectly expresses your feelings. If you have an inside joke that only the two of you understand while others frown upon in confusion or disbelief, engrave it! Make it fun and romantic, as long as it fits on our design.   

If you are running out of ideas, open that forgotten book of poems and refresh your literary memory. You might be surprised what timeless wisdom hides behind these dusty pages. Engrave away!


What Should I Engrave on My Dad’s Watch?

Our dads - forever heroes of our childhoods. There is so much we would love to express, many things that haven’t been told in the past. Probably more than what can fit on the small yet elegant case. Think about the most precious element of his life - you and your siblings. If grandchildren are already in the picture, that’s the double love for you. That will surely stop the time on time. 

Is your father a soccer fanatic? Maybe a football coach? Any other smile-inviting hobbies that you can recall to make the message more meaningful? As long as it comes from you, anything will work! Even the unstoppable dad jokes will be cherished forever. 


What We Think

What counts is the thought, and the beauty of engraved watches is pure symbolism of your love defined in a few simple words or symbols. A timepiece in itself represents life, embedding the wise mantra that life is too short for insignificant nuisances. Give us the thought, and we will work our magic. 


Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Engraved Men's Watches

What is the best occasion for giving someone a personalized wallet?

Every occasion you can think of is the best occasion for gifting a loved one a personalized wallet. Think about it - Men don’t go anywhere without their wallets. You can even buy yourself a personalized wallet. 


Who can use your personalized wallets? 

Literally any man can use our personalized wallets. Men take their wallets everywhere with them. Whether they go from the office to the gym, our personalized wallets will fit perfectly into their lifestyle. 


What size are your personalized wallets?

Our mens personalized wallets come in a variety of sizes. Each wallet has a significant holding capacity - With multiple card slots and flip-up ID windows, our wallets are perfect for carrying credit cards, receipts, loose change, and cash. For specific size details on a product, please refer to our product page. 


Where on the wallet can I get the personalized engravings? 

You can get the wallet personalized on the outside or inside, or both! We recommend putting one word on the outside of the wallet, such as a name. As for the inside engravings on the left or right side, we recommend writing anywhere from a few words up to 28 words. 


Do I have to get the wallet personalized?

No, you have the option to choose not to have the wallet personalized at checkout. 


Do the mens personalized wallets get better over time? 

Yes. Because each wallet is made with handcrafted, top-grain leather from Argentina, the longer the wallet is used, the more it softens. Our handcrafted wallets get better and better with age. 


Do you offer other personalized products?

Yes, we also offer Mens Personalized Watches, in both classic and minimalist styles.