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The Perfect Valentine's Day Gift For Him

Don't settle for another box of chocolates or his favorite drink this year, shop for a gift that he can cherish for a lifetime. Our unique, bold designs and excellent craftsmanship for a watch that will never lose its flair. Browse the complete StayFine watch collection to find the best gift for him this year.

Quality Beyond Their Price

StayFine goes above the standard when it comes to watchmaking. High-quality mineral crystal glass covers a fine-wood dial, the band is composed of premium leather, and our streamlined process makes it virtually effortless to have your watch engraved to perfect your gift.


What is a good Valentine's day gift?

Valentine's day is intended to be full of love, sentiment, and appreciation, so your Valentine's day gift should reflect exactly that. Instead of shopping at the store another year, do something special and give something extraordinary. Men are often opposed to the heart shape, flowers, and earrings atmosphere of Valentine's day, and many would much rather have a functional, thoughtful V-day present.
A StayFine Valentine's day watch offers quality, style, and a personal engraving that will melt his heart. To make special occasions truly special, give him something he can use forever and will be proud to wear. The watch features a completely customizable inscription on the back of the dial, so you can leave a personal message for the perfect finish.


How much should I spend on Valentine's day?

When it comes to Valentine's day gifts, cost should have no significant impact on the meaning. Whether you can afford to buy a new car for special occasions or tend to stay modest with your gifting, it's the thought that matters most. All the extravagance in the world will not account for a lack of thought when gifting for your Valentine.
The price range for Valentine's day gifts often depends on who your Valentine is and how much you can afford to spend. In many cases, your budget will vary based on the person you are gifting to, whether it be your mom, dad, boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse. For parents, it's common to spend $15-30 on Valentine's day, while people often spend much more on their significant other.
With StayFine Valentine's day watches, you can wow virtually any man while staying within a comfortable budget. Unlike many products that are displayed this holiday, StayFine watches exude quality and finesse, with a personalized engraving on the dial to remind them of your love every time the watch is removed from their wrist.


What is StayFine's shipping policy?

We pride ourselves on providing fast shipping for your Valentine's gift to ensure that your loved one receives their perfect gift in time. Once you have confirmed the order and requested your engraving, the watch will ship from Redding, CA within two business days. Once the order has shipped, it will typically be delivered within 3-4 business days throughout the U.S.
Due to the number of orders we have, it’s very unlikely that we can change the shipping address for your order. So please enter the correct shipping address when you purchase to ensure the watch arrives in time.


What's Unique About StayFine's Valentine's Gifts?

Nothing compares to the fine quality and craftsmanship that goes into these classy, customizable watches, at least not within a comparable price range. The watch features unique styles along with a premium wooden dial, Japanese Quartz movement, and of course; the engraving of your choosing.
Sure, you could go with another metal or mother of pearl dial, but chances are he would much rather have a masculine, classy watch instead. Browse the entire watch collection to find a unique design that stands out for you!


Do men enjoy getting Valentine's gifts?

For a lot of men, Valentine's day is about finding you the perfect gift, not receiving one. It's in your hands to make this year special for your significant other.
Men can be tricky to impress but StayFine's watch collection is something truly notable. With premium wooden dials, hardened crystal mineral glass, and awe-inspiring designs, your man won't be able to set his classy timepieces aside. Usually, this quality would cost way too much to fit most budgets, but StayFine makes quality and style accessible with great pricing year-round.
With StayFine, your watch is already far superior to anything they'd expect, and with custom engraving, these watches are utterly impressive. Make the day special for everyone with custom wooden watches.


Will every loved one appreciate a wooden watch?

Purchasing a watch for the special man in your life this Valentine's day is sure to be a hit, especially with the perfect engraving. A wooden watch may not be everyone's style, but StayFine has created designs for every preference so you can find the ideal fit for anyone's wrist. Designs vary from almost completely wooden to metal with subtle hints of premium woods in the dial, so there are plenty of options to choose from.


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