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Own your style with our mens personalized leather wallets. These custom wallets aren’t your ordinary wallets - Handcrafted with top-notch, top-grain leather from Argentina and a minimalist design with custom engraving options, they are the perfect mix of exclusive and sophisticated. Go ahead, treat yourself. Or give your boyfriend, husband, dad, brother, son, or friend a gift that is uniquely theirs.



Choose a gift that is all about him. Our personalized wallets for men are the best gifts for every occasion. Add initials, favorite catchphrase, quote or inside Joke to make it extra unique and special!

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Custom Wallets

If you continuously find single bills lying loosely in weird places, such as your washing machine, or turn the car upside down in search of a credit card at your local Starbuck’s drive-through, it is probably a good indication that something in your life is missing. You are a modern and elegant man, indulging in chic suits, rack of belts, and supreme morning coffee brew, yet you do not own a Holy-Grail of manhood - the classy leather wallet. The time for a revolution has come, and StayFine is here to reorganize your experience. 

If you stumbled upon our collection of custom wallets in search of a unique and stylish gift, we encourage you to keep reading. A personalized leather wallet is our daily bread, where everything from design, creation, and engravement takes place under one roof. StayFine is a U.S.-based family business devoted to delivering state-of-the-art men’s essentials at affordable prices. 

Custom Leather Wallets At StayFine

Our leather wallets come in a variety of styles and sizes, and each has an option of engravement. Adding a memorable inscription is an excellent way to show love and appreciation to the men in your life. Personalized engravings can be placed on the outside, inside, or both as a continuous message. 

The quality of our top-grain Argentinian leather allows the fabric to soften over time, which is another attribute of the noble aging of our products. Handcrafted with your needs in mind, our custom wallets have substantial holding capacity for all your essential items. 

Although targeted at men, our leather wallets may be an excellent option for any woman with a minimalist sense of style. The beauty of leather is its versatility, and that characteristic applies to both men and women.

What Type of Leather is Best For Wallets?

When we refer to leather, we can distinguish between natural or artificial leather. Genuine top-grain leather wins every time. Pleasing the eye with its aesthetic appearance, natural leather has one thing in common with women - it becomes even more beautiful with age. Custom wallets made of our top-grain Argentinian leather are incredibly resistant to external factors, serving you for many years. Despite numerous attempts, genuine leather is impossible to imitate. Artificial leather may perfectly resemble its natural sibling, but it certainly lacks the same quality, smell, or texture.

Can I Wash My Leather Wallet?

Proper care is crucial to ensure the longevity of all leather accessories. While the maintenance of leather shoes is anticipated, we often forget about regular wallet cleaning to preserve its condition for years. Although very durable, natural leather has its own set of requirements. The moment you receive your custom wallet is also the right time to start implementing a few tactics to maintain its beauty. 

If we want our wallet to serve us for years, use a few proven tips. Try to remove dirt as soon as it appears. A fresh stain is easier to eliminate than an older one. Avoid using soap to clean your leather wallet as it leaves a residue and does not allow air to enter, which may result in cracking. Instead, use a combination of water with a splash of vinegar. Apply a small amount of mixture to the stained area with a delicate, soft cloth and rub the substance into the stain with circular motions. A leather wallet of lighter tones can be cleaned just as effectively with a regular school eraser. If the wallet is greasy, a mixture of turpentine and whipped egg white may work magic. The same methods apply to cleaning the insides of the wallet. 

After the cleaning procedures, let the wallet dry at room temperature. Avoid exposing the leather to any form of external heat, such as a hairdryer, heater, or natural sun rays. Doing so may cause the fabric to break or crack, becoming stiff and rough. After proper drying, your leather wallet will regain its elasticity and natural glow. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Personalized Wallets

What is the best occasion for giving someone a personalized wallet?

Every occasion you can think of is the best occasion for gifting a loved one a personalized wallet. Think about it - Men don’t go anywhere without their wallets. You can even buy yourself a personalized wallet. 


Who can use your personalized wallets? 

Literally any man can use our personalized wallets. Men take their wallets everywhere with them. Whether they go from the office to the gym, our personalized wallets will fit perfectly into their lifestyle. 


What size are your personalized wallets?

Our mens personalized wallets come in a variety of sizes. Each wallet has a significant holding capacity - With multiple card slots and flip-up ID windows, our wallets are perfect for carrying credit cards, receipts, loose change, and cash. For specific size details on a product, please refer to our product page. 


Where on the wallet can I get the personalized engravings? 

You can get the wallet personalized on the outside or inside, or both! We recommend putting one word on the outside of the wallet, such as a name. As for the inside engravings on the left or right side, we recommend writing anywhere from a few words up to 28 words. 


Do I have to get the wallet personalized?

No, you have the option to choose not to have the wallet personalized at checkout. 


Do the mens personalized wallets get better over time? 

Yes. Because each wallet is made with handcrafted, top-grain leather from Argentina, the longer the wallet is used, the more it softens. Our handcrafted wallets get better and better with age. 


Do you offer other personalized products?

Yes, we also offer Mens Personalized Watches, in both classic and minimalist styles. 


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