Custom Wallet Engraving Ideas

Custom Wallet Engraving Ideas


Custom Wallet Engraving Ideas

You have finally found the perfect place to have a custom wallet engraving completed, now what? Many of our customers have trouble deciding on what to engrave and where to do so. That is why we have compiled some ideas that should make your engraving choices simpler and help your vision come to life.

Front Engraving

The engraving placed on the front of the watch is typically composed of identifying text. Whether you choose to have initials, a name, or a short phrase, the front engraving should be used to personalize the wallet to the recipient. Our custom engraving lets you place approximately 12 characters of your choosing along the bottom right side of your wallet’s face.

Inner Engraving


The inner engraving is where your message will come to life. The word-choice will probably vary heavily depending on who the wallet is for, however. If you are getting a Stayfine wallet for dad, then a sentimental message or mention of a special memory may be ideal. If it’s for your husband then more romantic content may be the way to go. The vast possibilities are part of what makes custom engraving a wallet so meaningful. You can even get a custom leather wallet for yourself with something inspirational or motivating inside.

Customization Tool


Our wallet customization tool lets you see how engravings will look on each of our products. Just click on a wallet and select the engraving option for a text simulator that will give you a preview of your message on the wallet. With approximately 120 characters available on the inside and 15 on the exterior, Stayfine lets you customize any way you want. The text can be moved and adjusted by playing with the enter and space bar when customizing.



When personalizing your leather wallet, don’t get lost in the endless possibilities, just go with your intuition and choose a message that is meaningful. If the custom wallet is for you, choose a quote or phrase that means something to you. Customizing a wallet is a sentimental gesture that can be carried for years, so think about special moments to mention or write out your feelings for a gift that will surely be remembered.

Can You Add Hearts or Other Shapes?


We do not offer actual hearts or shape designs, however, you are free to personalize your wallet with any combination of text you’d like, resulting in different shapes. Many of our customers enjoy adding a “<3” or other combination of text to their wallet engraving.

Do Engravings Fade?


Stayfine wallets do not fade or blur with time due to our precision engraving techniques and top-grain leather. Your design is safe from being destroyed by daily wear, so your message will stand up to the test of time.

Is It OK To Be Funny With The Engraving?


It is perfectly acceptable to be funny with your watch, depending on the recipient. Many of our customers have a joke, catchphrase, or even a sarcastic remark engraved that they know will propagate a smile. You never know when someone will need a pick-me-up, and your engraving be there daily to do just that.

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