Customizable Groomsmen Gifts

Customizable Groomsmen Gifts

 Your groomsmen are the guys you should know best, but men still have a hard time shopping for each other. It can be difficult to avoid being generic or a little too personal when deciding on groomsmen gifts, so going for a classy but simple token of appreciation might be the best route. Choosing a simple gift that can be customized for each groomsman may save time and stress while still matching the occasion.


Engraved Knives

Depending on the personalities of your groomsmen, a quality knife may be just what they’d want. Pocket knives are simple, useful on a daily basis and if you don't cheap out, they will be around to commemorate the event for a lifetime afterwards. Online searches will lead you to some great pocket knives that come with engraving, so each groomsman will have a personal touch added to their gift.

Custom Watches


If your friends are not into knives, or maybe can't be trusted around them, there are still plenty of customizable groomsmen gifts to choose between. Watches are a classy way to commemorate your big day, and they are probably the only jewelry that should be considered. While necklaces and bracelets are sort of awkward to gift, watches have been gifted between men for a long time. The hardest part of watch gifting is picking a style that fits each groomsmen without having to shop at several sites or stores. These custom engraved watches from Stayfine give the customer tons of options, all similarly priced and engravable. This lets you spend a flat amount on your groomsmen while individually selecting and engraving their gifts, letting you one stop shop for high quality groomsmen gifts that will impress.

Grooming Kits


What's more important than good hygiene? That your groomsmen all have it on the day of the wedding. Grooming kits come in all shapes, sizes and prices that allow you to customize them to your crowd of people. Whether you buy grooming kits off the shelf of your suit shop or hand select each item, you will have an abundance of options that make gifting easy and personable.


Custom Wallets


For the groom that is on a tighter budget, knives and watches may be just out of your price range. Consider going with customizable wallets to thank your friends for their support. Rounding up a wallet for each person if the store lacks selection though, so go with a shopping platform that will let you choose different styles and engravings. These wallets come in an assortment of styles, allowing you to customize wallets to fit any groomsman. The best part? You can pick a wallet or money clip for all of your groomsmen for under $30 each. 


Final Thoughts


Regardless of what your budget is for selecting groomsmen gifts, there are an endless supply of ideas. Sticking to something simple, classy and high quality is an easy approach for impressing your groomsmen. Consider engraving or personalizing daily use items like wallets, knives or watches for a quality gift that will last.  

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