Custom Groomsmen Gift Options That Will Impress

It’s your wedding, and while the groomsmen are important, there is no reason that you should need to stress over finding a great gift. If you are looking for an easy, affordable, customizable, high-quality gift for your groomsmen, Stayfine is the ideal option. With tons of impressive designs and a quality that is unmatched, you can find a watch or wallet to fit any groomsman, and they are sure to be impressed.

The answer is obvious, but fine-tuning your purchase with the perfect style and thoughtful engraving is what sets Stayfine men’s gifts apart from the surplus of products elsewhere.

Choosing Items For Your Groomsmen

The first step in the gift selection process is deciding what gift would fit your groomsmen best between a Stayfine watch or wallet. There really is no wrong answer, as each product is superiorly made and stylish, but this is where you will determine the best match for each person. With Stayfine’s products, every item is in a similar price range and they can all be engraved, so you end up with closely-priced, completely unique gifts for everyone.

Watch Styles

For your groomsmen who are receiving watches, there are numerous styles available. Currently, Stayfine has eight unique watch designs to choose from, each one as original as the last. Made with Japanese Quartz movement and the finest woods, it’s unlikely that you would ever receive a dissatisfied response from your groomsmen.

Wallet Styles

The guys who are getting custom wallets for a groomsmen gift have options as well, with a classic bifold, minimalist bifold, and money clip design to choose from. Bifold wallets may also come with a removable ID case for added convenience. Stayfine’s various styles make it easy to choose a wallet for your groomsmen, giving you a wide range of sizes and functionality between products.

Customizing Your Groomsmen Gifts

The style of your gift is important, but the engraving is what will really make a difference to your groomsmen. There are various ways to customize your engraving, and the only limit is your keyboard. Each gift is engraved separately, and you can add whatever you would like (within the length parameters), so the possibilities are endless. Many Grooms choose to insert a comical moment, fond memory, or inside joke that can be remembered forever on their groomsmen’s gifts.

When engraving, the important thing to remember is that your gift should inspire laughter and happiness, not uncomfortable feelings or distaste, so keep your engravings classy for the best results. Some crowds appreciate an edgy joke or statement, but be wary because they will have to carry the sentiment forever (or throw it in a drawer to avoid the remark).


Anyone member of your groomsmen party would be happy to receive a gift as classy and well-made as a Stayfine watch or wallet, especially when the perfect engraving is included. Choose between our high-quality watches or wallets, pick your style(s), and enter the perfect engraving for a gift that will never be forgotten.

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