Functional Custom Wallet Designs For Everyday Use

Choosing a new wallet is a bigger decision than it may seem, and there is more to consider than the look or size. During your decision process, you must consider the functionality, style, size, comfort, and customization of the wallet for the best purchase.

Ultimately, the perfect custom wallet design will be decided by your preferences, so check out the top wallet styles from Stayfine and elevate your standards to a proper level. There is a style for everyone, and the engraving options make for an excellent addition, whether you are purchasing as a gift or for yourself.

Money Clip Wallet Designs

With a customizable leather money clip, you get eight card slots and a bill clip that keeps your cash in place; front and center. Money clips are ideal for those who tend to use cash frequently, as well as those who prefer a slimmer wallet. The primary difference between a money clip and other custom wallet designs is that your physical currency is kept in front, versus in a pocket behind your cards.

Classic Bifold Wallets

The classic Bifold wallet design gives you the most room, with twelve card slots, inside pockets, and two bill slots for maximum storage space. The bifold design may be a bit larger, but if you have a pile of cards that you carry, this is the wallet for you. This is the ideal wallet for men who enjoy an organized, full wallet.

Minimalist Bifold Wallets

With minimalist bifold wallets, you get the classic bifold design but with a slimmer, slightly smaller wallet. Seven card slots and a rear bill compartment give you just enough storage without bulking up the wallet, so you can remain active. If you don’t have room for any extra bulk, the minimalist wallet from Stayfine is the best option.

Choose Wallet That Fits Your Lifestyle

The most important thing to remember when purchasing a new custom wallet is that you will have to carry it daily, so comfort is crucial. Make sure that your wallet fits your preferences (and your wardrobe) to avoid discomfort later on. If you travel often, a smaller wallet may not be sufficient for the various items you may need. If you are highly active, then a bulkier wallet may slow you down. Finding the perfect fit gives you additional comfort on a daily basis, and it helps if your wallet fits in your pockets.

About Stayfine Wallets

There are countless companies that manufacture wallets, but that’s not what Stayfine is about. Our custom wallets are made from handcrafted Argentinan leather and tightly stitched for a construction that doesn’t fail. The premium leather will soften as the wallet is carried, giving you a wallet that gets more comfortable daily, and RFID technology is built in for security. In addition to the highest-quality materials and construction, Stayfine lets you choose from various engraving options, so you can customize your wallet however you’d like.

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