What To Engrave On A Watch For A Wedding Gift

Wedding season is here, and it’s time to finish up your gift shopping before their big day. Nothing is appreciated more than a custom engraving on a quality item like Stayfine’s watches and wallets, but that still leaves you with one question- what are you going to engrave on your wedding gift to create a memorable bestowal? In many circumstances, the best idea is to go with what is natural, so follow along and find an engraving that fits your custom wedding gift.

Who Are You Engraving For?

Your relationship with the groom will greatly influence what your engraving should entail, but that should come without surprise. Who are they to you, and what kind of engraving is going to suit them best? This is where things get less straightforward, as the only person who can answer these questions is you. Examine the relationship you have with the groom and their personality type before submitting your engraving to give them the best gift possible.

Sometimes, Less Is More

Not every groom wants a long, sentimental engraving, even from their closest friends. It’s helpful to remember that the recipient will wear the watch or wallet for the remainder of the gift’s existence, so make sure they are going to be comfortable with the amount of thought that was placed in the gift.
For some men, fewer words can mean much more than descriptive engraving. A simple phrase can make a striking, thoughtful statement if you choose your words carefully. If that sounds like your man, consider engraving something like:

  • “You did it”
  • “Congrats, brother”
  • “Well done, friend”

A simple addition can often be the perfect touch to a wedding gift if the groom is not a man of many words.

Use A Quote In Your Gift

Quotes are a great addition to a wedding gift in many cases. Using a quote in your engraving still offers personalization, but without the awkwardness of forming the thought on your own. The directive of the quote will still portray your message and you can always stray from the well-known version to custom fit the saying. Consider a quote like:

  • “The Best Is Yet To Come”
  • “Live The Moment”
  • “Good things come to those who wait”

Adding A Splash Of Humor

If the groom you are gifting to enjoys a good laugh, consider engraving something that will spark a smile when they see it. While going for the laugh is not the best idea in every situation, you’ll typically know if it is a good move or not based on their personality. For the comical groom, consider something like:

  • “No returns, No exchanges”
  • “Going Once, Going Twice, SOLD!”
  • “The pants are hers, but this is yours!”

Many of the best comedic engravings come from your knowledge of the person, so don’t rely too heavily on what other people have given as suggestions. Think of their sense of humor and engrave something that will be funny but meaningful.

Base Your Decision On Who They Are

Whether your custom engraved wedding gifts end up being sentimental, simple, comical, or something of your own, you can’t go wrong if you had the groom in mind. He is already sure to appreciate the superior quality of his watch or wallet, and an engraving that fits will be the icing on the “wedding” cake.

Custom Gifts Are Perfect In Many Applications

If you are the one who is getting married, there is no need to stress about your groomsmen’s gifts. With Stay Fine’s premium watches and wallets, you can customize a watch or wallet for each of your groomsmen and stay within a similar budget. Affordably outfit your most loyal friends with high-quality, perfect-fitting gifts and relieve the pressure of groomsmen gift shopping.

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