What To Have Engraved On Groomsmen Gifts

The hard part is over, you have successfully chosen the perfect watch or wallet to engrave, but you still have one more job to do before your gifts are delivered; deciding what to engrave. To a lot of people, the engraving is just as significant as the gift itself, so be sure to add something thoughtful and relevant to your groomsmen’s gifts and make them feel truly appreciated.

Understandably, not everyone is skilled when it comes to adding a sentiment to something that will last forever, so here are some of the best engraving possibilities that you can add to your gift for the most meaningful exchange possible.

Adding Humor To Your Gift

If you have chosen these men to be your groomsmen, then obviously you have shared some good times together, and hopefully created some laughs. If you can think of a humorous (probably semi-clean natured) situation or a joke between you and your groomsmen find particularly sentimental, it can make for a very special engraving. Keep in mind that while you are trying to be funny, not every laugh is supposed to end up engraved on a watch, and you should probably keep it light.

A Custom Message

If jokes are not for you, consider adding a sentimental, thoughtful message to your groomsmen’s gifts. Everyone loves to feel appreciated, and a customized message is an excellent way to convey that. When adding a customized message to your watch or wallet, ensure that you come up with something different for each groomsman, as they may not appreciate getting the same note.

There are many directions that you can go in with a custom message, and you should choose yours based on your relationship with the recipients of your gifts. Spend some time and thought on the occasion to create a message that your groomsmen will cherish for as long as the friendship lasts.

Keeping It Simple With Your Engraving

For those who are just not very sentimental, there is no requirement that you engrave your gift, or at least, not with a full message. Premium watches and wallets from Stayfine can be engraved with a full message, a name, initials, or left blank, depending on your preference. If you just want to add their name and call it a day, you may do so freely. Some people, especially men, prefer simplicity, and a name or their initials will add a unique, appreciated quality without overdoing it. At the end of the day, you are giving based on your crowd and some crowds prefer a minimal approach.

Each Engraving Can Be Different

Many custom gift options make the decision even more difficult by having you choose one engraving for every gift, but Stayfine lets you choose a unique engraving for each gift that you purchase. This lets you add whatever fits your groomsmen individually, not just as a whole. Adding a special engraving for each person lets you mix and match your process, adding whatever the person will be proudest to carry.


There are endless possibilities to explore when designing your customizable gifts, so take your time and pick what suits your groomsmen. The perfect engraving for a groomsmen’s gift doesn’t have to be complicated, it just has to fit the individuals.

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