How are custom leather wallets made?


Leather is an entirely natural bona fide material, thanks to which it has its own unique features and an exclusive and unusual structure, also within one mat. All the marks or scars on the material are meant to confirm the authenticity of the fabric. Every centimeter a leather wallet is made of is unique. As it is in the case of human skin, leather undergoes many changes with age. Still, proper care guarantees perfect appearance and the possibility of enjoying the wallet for many years to come. Leather, unlike synthetic fabrics, does not wear out but gracefully ages.

The wallets offered by Stayfine are fully personalized and tailored to the needs of even the most demanding clientele. Among the basic and essential functions of this element of our leatherware is the expected storage and structure, allowing the easy carrying and accessing of various cards, documents, and cash, keeping in mind that each of us uses the wallet individually. Some people need more space for cards and others for cash; for some, it is significant that the wallet fits in their pocket, while others prefer a large one that can accommodate everything they need. Therefore, our leather wallets’ choice is vast. Everyone will certainly find something suitable for themselves, whether among the assortment of models ready for sale or the personalized option with its unique and exceptional features, just like each of us.

Why is leather the best material for a wallet?

Regardless of the changing fashion and even pro-ecological trends, natural leather remains the best material to make a wallet. There are products on the market made of calf, cow, pig, goat, and sheep leather. Depending on the tanning method, the raw material becomes either tender and softer or thicker and stiffer. Delicate and soft calfskins are mostly used for the sewing of leather wallets. In addition to leather wallets, this type of leather is utilized for sewing etuis, purses, handbags, and small accessories. However, an interesting effect can also be obtained by using pigskin, especially appropriate and popular for wallets with a specific shape of a horseshoe. Also, delicate goat leather will work as a material for a wallet, purse, business card holder, or organizer. Sheepskin is also used as a cheaper equivalent. Leather women’s and men’s wallets are a purchase that will be savored for many years. The older and more worn they are with natural aging, the more beautiful they look. Over time, the skin softens a little, and the wallet fits smoothly in hand, always keeping its shape.

How to sew a leather wallet - Leathercraft

In leather-making, anilines are very often used for sewing leather wallets, mainly because they are soft and pliable. They are usually covered with thoroughly opaque paints with translucent pigments so that the natural grain of the leather remains visible. A frequently used raw material for sewing wallets is also split leather, which is a material devoid of grain and created during the leather processing process. Split leather is additionally refined and gives the appearance of grain leather. Products made of this material are cheaper and easier to work with. Wallets are also made of chamois leather, after removing the strong face and sanding the entire surface. For the production of wallets, and more often for rigid cases, for instance, payment cards, blank or sheath leather, such as saddlery leather, are also used.

Wallet manufacturers are increasingly using leather from exotic animals and sew wallets made of crocodile, ray, snake, shark, or lizard skin. These are not cheap products, but amateurs of this type of leatherware must be aware that the material from which they were made may have been obtained illegally.

The type of leather used in the wallet-making process is part of the customization of the product. This crucial element will determine the functionality, style, and price of your unique leather wallet.

A personalized wallet as a perfect gift idea

Searching for a gift for a family member, friend, or employer is not easy at all. Typical products, the same for everyone, make the gifts less enjoyable. In such a situation, an engraved wallet for a gift will be a great solution. Women's and men's models can be enriched with a sentence, date, text, or even a logo, becoming at the same time a unique gift perfect for any occasion. By all means, there is nothing to prevent you from buying such an engraved wallet for yourself. On leather accessories, the engraving is very clear, and thanks to modern technology, there is no lack of aesthetics or loss of functionality. The wallet with engraving will still fulfill its practical function, containing cash, cards, documents, and photos. It will also remind you of the loved ones who presented such a sentimental and classy gift. An elegant wallet with an engraved logo is also an excellent gift idea for a business owner and a form of an advertising campaign for the comp; after all, it is a product that is used every day.

How to sew a wallet?

The wallet is one of the accessories that you can make yourself at home. It can be done manually or by machine. The relatively simple punch scheme means that theoretically, you do not need to have experience or special skills to get the full functionality of the wallet. The key to the success of the project will be either the softness of the leather or a suitable machine for sewing thicker fabrics or leathercraft tools for home use. Nevertheless, it is entirely doable, and the satisfaction of sewing it is disproportionate to the complexity of the process.

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