Leather Wallet DIY


What is natural leather?

Genuine leather is a material of animal origin. Most leather products, including leather handbags, are made from cowhide. Its distinctive appearance, texture, and smell result from processes that prepare leather for use as a material, i.e., the result of cleaning, tanning, veneering, and maintenance.

The great advantage of animal skins is that they are natural. Natural leather is much more durable, thanks to which your new purse or wallet will serve you for a very long time. It is also worth mentioning that natural leather can "breathe" and allows proper moisture circulation, which is especially important when considering leather clothes. Unlike synthetic materials, genuine leather does not cause allergies, so they are eagerly bought by people sensitive to various types of allergens.

Self-made leather wallet

A custom leather wallet made entirely by yourself is not a very easy project. For many people, sewing a wallet at home is a very complicated activity. Colorful wallets made from ordinary materials are not difficult to make, and although they might be quite pleasant-looking, you can not count on their extended use. However, this everyday accessory of leatherware must be durable, and synthetic wallets do not have such a feature and quickly succumb to mechanical damage. A leather wallet must be tailored to your very own needs, which is why it is worth sewing it yourself. Its execution is an excellent training for all those interested in do-it-yourself projects, who are just beginning to create their first works. Sewing a leather wallet at home is a kind of challenge, but the result will surely satisfy you. Making a wallet made of leather will not burden the budget too much; it will undoubtedly turn out to be a cheaper solution than buying a ready-made branded product.

Leather wallets for women and men from well-known companies are often characterized by a very high price. A leather wallet guarantees an elegant and fashionable look, perfect idea for a gift. It is recommended for people who value traditional solutions, minimalism, and a chic appearance. Such wallets never go out of style. We can create a leather wallet according to our own idea or based on a pattern. During the project implementation, we can change certain elements, adjusting this accessory to our requirements. Below is an instructional guide on how to make a simple leather wallet. It will take about 1 hour to sew it, even for a beginner. In order to sew a wallet, we should have a sewing machine, because sewing leather by hand may be too burdensome and time-consuming. The wallet can accommodate credit cards, business cards, and banknotes.

What do we need to sew a leather wallet?


  • Sewing Machine,
  • A piece of leather about 0.5 m,
  • Threads and sewing utensils,
  • Adhesive tape/pins,
  • A ruler.

Making a leather wallet - step by step

Cut two elements from a previously prepared piece of leather. You can take this material from an old bag, jacket, trousers, or a skirt. Perhaps you have once owned leather trim on armchairs or the couch. There are many options to consider before heading out to purchase leather. One piece of leather should measure approximately 16cm by 21cm and the other 7cm by 21cm. Then bend the bottom and top edge of both materials to a width of 1 centimeter, secure it with a pin or tape.

We are ready to sew the resulting bends. Set your machine to the straight stitch mode and sew secured fabric folds. Bend the larger piece precisely in half, pass the seam along the entire length of the fold. Then stick the smaller piece in the right place with the tape, and then sew it to the larger one, which you have to fold in half on the left side. Sew their edges together, creating a closed pocket.

The next step is to turn the fabric inside out. If we want to push out and straighten the corners, a crochet hook or the tip of the scissors will help.

The wallet has been sewn and is ready to be enjoyed and cherished. We can fill it with all the useful things that we always want to have with us.

Why is it worth having a wallet made of leather?

Leather is one of the most durable materials that can be utilized for many years while maintaining a good appearance. It's worth making such a wallet yourself since we can save some money, and we can personalize the wallet, creating it according to our own taste and preferences. Indeed, a sewn wallet will serve us much longer than a wallet purchased in a store and made of synthetic materials.

How to care for your sewn wallet?

Natural leather is one of the most graceful and durable materials, but it can slowly deteriorate during intensive use. Your wallet is with you every day; you take it out a few, a dozen, or even several dozen times a day, which means that its surface can wear off. An essential part of wallet care is taking care of it every day, during everyday use. Make sure not to carry your wallet in one pocket with keys, keyring, flash drive, coins, and other sharp objects that could damage its surface.

Take care of the surroundings of your wallet, but also of its interior! Think about what you put in it and do not stuff it with too many items - this will keep it in its original, neat shape for a very long time. It should be remembered that the leather, once stretched, will not return to its original condition and thickness. This means that a neglected wallet will not regain its elegant form, and a stretched wallet will be more susceptible to mechanical damage. Keep in mind that excessive strain on the wallet can even lead to tearing of the seams and joints of the leather.

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