The bachelor party has come and gone and while you may not remember much of that weekend, you better remember to order a special gift for each and every one of the guys in your wedding party. These are your closest friends, you want to get them unique gifts that speak to their particular personalities. Show them your appreciation for being part of your wedding day by commemorating one of the most important events in your life with gifts they will enjoy using for years to come.

Why buy gifts for groomsmen?

By now you've realized that weddings can be incredibly expensive. You and your partner are paying deposits and rental fees for items that you never knew existed much less needed for a wedding. Even if the parents are picking up the tab, you still want to find gift ideas you can afford. The groomsmen gifts are important because they are your tokens of gratitude for all of the ways in which they helped out or showed some level of support for your big day.

You want to give them something they will remember and revere for years to come.

So who should be getting gifts and what is appropriate for whom? Good question, because there are definite rules of etiquette when it comes to this part of your wedding day. Every male member of the wedding party is expected to receive a gift including the groomsmen, the best man, the fathers of the bride and groom, the ushers, and the officiant of the ceremony. As for the gifts themselves, it is customary to give the best man a gift that is somewhat more unique than the rest of the groomsmen. You can select one gift that all of the groomsmen will receive but you may want to personalize the item for each one, to make it a bit more special.

How do you plan on showing your gratitude to the guys who have been by your side through this exciting time in your life? There are plenty of options out there but since these are not just any other guys, you want to hand out non-traditional groomsmen gifts that are bound to make a lasting impression.

If you plan on getting something different for each member of the wedding party or you would rather get the same for everybody, the non-traditional way of doing things is always a welcome change of pace from the norm. Opt for the former and you will need to come up with a separate, one-of-a-kind surprise that reflects each individual's personality and outlook on life. Go with the latter and you can get them something they can all enjoy while adding a specialized flourish tailor-made to make them smile.

Unique gift ideas to fit your needs

When it comes to finding that special gift, you don't want to conduct a last minute search. You're only destined for failure as nothing but the best will be sufficient for your big day. However, if you're still at a loss as to what would be the best option for your best man and other loved ones standing beside you on that altar, take a look at some of these groomsmen gift ideas to help you decide.

Drink Up

You can find beer mug options in all shapes, sizes, colors, and materials for groomsmen who like to partake. But when you're looking for the non-traditional version of these otherwise routine kitchenware items, you'll have to get creative. Among the more colorful and hilarious variants on the traditional beer mug is having a personalized caricature of each groomsmen printed on the mug. It's a great option for the beer drinker in your life and even non drinkers can enjoy a tasty beverage of their choice with a fun photo as well as the date of the ceremony emblazoned on the side to commemorate the day you were married. If a beer mug isn't your thing or perhaps your buddies really take their craft beer seriously, you can also find matching pint glasses with the name of each groomsman engraved on the side. A pint glass is also suitable for your friends who don't drink beer.

Whiskey Connoisseur

Maybe your boys aren't big on beer but they do appreciate the finer things in life, like a good whiskey or barrel-aged scotch. The whiskey glass may seem like a pretty traditional groomsmen gift but when you get creative about how you present that whiskey glass, the gift becomes rather remarkable and unique. Fortunately, there are all kinds of whiskey glass gift set ideas that incorporate a variety of interests. Take the ammo box set, for instance. You may have an avid hunter or former military veteran in your wedding party and a set of whiskey glasses inside of an ammunition box might just be the great gift they will always remember well after the wedding has taken place.

But that's just one of the many non-traditional ideas that either incorporate or feature a whiskey glass or two as a main component of the gift set. For those serious whiskey lovers, there are many gorgeous decanter set options that also feature a decanter along with a glass or two and even a favorite brand of whiskey to round the package. But to go the non-traditional route, you can find a whiskey set that comes inside of a personalized wood box with each groomsman's name and a message, a slogan, or a shared inside joke engraved on the top of it. The box will typically hold a pair of whiskey glasses, some whiskey stones to keep the drink cold but not watered down, and some of them even have cigar accessories as well.

Cigar Humidors

No self-respecting groomsmen's gifts list would be complete without something related to cigars and cigar accessories. The humidor has long been a staple of gift-giving for weddings but it's also one of the more common gifts out there. However, that doesn't mean you can't give one of these much beloved items to your groomsmen in a non-traditional way. There are plenty of unique humidors on the market that go well beyond the typical wood finish. Sure, you can get your buddy's humidors engraved with their initials or names and any other stylish flourish you wish, but the non-traditional route would have you choose a carbon fiber humidor or a humidor designed to look like a pirate's treasure chest. For the guys on the go, you might opt instead for a portable humidor. These are constructed of super strong ABS molded plastic that seals the stogies in airtight and designed to be waterproof and crushproof to take on whatever the next big adventure might be in the future.

But not all humidors come equipped with just an hygrometer and a mahogany, cherry, or cedar lining. That would be a little too low-key and, well, traditional. You want something more for your best man and closest friends who love a good cigar. For these esteemed aficionados, there are humidor sets that offer a little something extra, from cigar cutters and lighters to leather cases and ashtrays built in. Some of these humidors feature a small drawer to stash all of the cigar smoking essentials within, so your buddies never have to reach too far to light up a good cigar.

Currency and Credit Cards

You probably have that one buddy who's had the same wallet for as long as you've known him...and that's well over nearly two decades now! Special occasions are the best time to let your pals know they need some new accessories and since a wallet is such an essential part of any guy's everyday routine, you might just decide now is the time to help your best friend level up his wallet game.

The best choice for a wallet is leather. Period. It not only offers a timeless aesthetic but provides a long-lasting safeguard for cash and credit cards.

A great option is to personalize the wallet in some meaningful way. But you also want to give them some additional protection in the form of RFID blocking technology. There are a lot of nefarious types out there just looking for ways to steal your identity and your credit card information. But an RFID blocking wallet is like having all of those financial instruments locked away in a safe, away from prying eyes and up to date tech that thieves are ready to use on unsuspecting types who pass by.

You have a whole lot of choices when it comes to the look and functionality of the wallet beyond the clever gadget to block RFID detection. Top grain leather from Argentina is what you want when it comes to durability. It can stand up to even the most relentless wear and tear and there are multiple options as to the number of credit card slots and compartments to keep paper currency organized and accessible. The classic choices of black and brown are available and, yes, you can (and should) get these wallets personalized for all of the closest friends you've asked to be there when you walk down the aisle.

Perhaps the wallet still feels too much like a traditional groomsman gift. In that case, why not go with a money clip instead? There is a comfortable practicality to the money clip because of its slender profile and some men opt for the simplicity of a clip over a wallet. There are all kinds of money clips available, made from black or brown top grain Argentinian leather and equipped with slots for credit cards alongside the main currency clip to hold bills. But what about the RFID protection? You can bet the best money clip around will have the same RFID blocking technology as any good wallet and your groomsmen will appreciate your efforts to protect their sensitive financial information from the bad guys.

Grill Jockeys and Pit Bosses

Some guys are happiest when they're manning the grill. Burgers, ribs, or chicken thighs, cooking over a hot flame is where it's at. But whether your groomsmen are casual cooks or they take their grill game very seriously, a great choice for a non-traditional groomsmen gift is a grill. Gas or charcoal, large or small, that's all up to you and how much you wish to spend on the perfect present. You can find a wide range of useful grills that are portable or stationary and fit in any outdoor environment.

Maybe your guys already have some sweet grill set-ups at home and a new grill just isn't in the budget for your wedding expenses.. That's okay, you can still get your groomsmen a personalized grilling set that provides each of your guys with all of the barbecue tools they need to make magic happen over those coals. You can stick to the basic sets that include a pair of tongs, a spatula, and a grill brush to make cleaning up a whole lot easier. If that's a little too basic, skip the personalized touch and go big with any one of the many full service utensil sets that offer ten, fifteen, even twenty different utensils to handle any type of meal. Those fancy deluxe sets come with wood or stainless steel handles for a rugged or classic aesthetic. If you've got one or gourmands in your wedding party, you can't go wrong with giving them high-quality grills or grilling utensil sets.

The Elegance of the Wristwatch

A true sign of distinction is the classic wristwatch. For the groomsmen with taste, the wristwatch is a reminder of the times you have all spent together or it may be the ideal way to help your buddies get to the ceremony in time. The smartphone has started to usurp the need for the wristwatch with most guys, but your groomsmen aren't most guys. A watch is a strong statement in many ways, it shows each of your buddies the extent of your undying love and gratitude for the impact they have made on your life. It also gives them a chance to flex their style and reduce our dependence on our phones, even in some small measure.

The watch can be a great gift for grooms seeking out non-traditional tokens of appreciation and esteem. But you do have some choices to make and those decisions will rely largely upon the personalities of your groomsmen. Some guys are into leather bands and some guys prefer a metal strap around the wrist. Each has its own set of pros and cons but you know your boys best, you likely have a good gauge on their personal preferences already.

Now all you need to do is consider what you think works best for the aesthetic and functional attributes of these special timepieces. A dial constructed from fine African Blackwood or Brazilian Rosewood makes for an eye-catching conversation starter while Japanese Miyota Quartz movement keeps the watch accurate and precise year round.

Lastly, you can choose to give these watches a personal touch. Engraving with a special message or monogrammed with their initials, a little something extra can go a long way to making this watch the perfect keepsake they will treasure for as long as they own it.

Off the Beaten Path

Perhaps you are the outdoorsy type. Maybe you and your groomsmen enjoy roughing it for the weekend, facing the rugged terrain of the outdoors for a week or two at a time. Hiking, camping, getting lost in the woods for a much-deserved respite from the rigors of work is how you and the fellas like to unwind.

If that sounds right up your alley, then you have some choices for giving your groomsmen some functional and even necessary non-traditional gifts.

Pocket knives and hunting knives are two of the more uncommon ideas for groomsmen gifts and these can be wonderful commemorative souvenirs for members of your wedding party. They come in many sizes and types of blades and many of them have wood handles that provide some space for a set of initials along the top portion of the hilt. A quick online search will yield a range of options in terms of functionality and special accessories to round your purchase.

But sometimes a knife is not enough. Some tasks and obstacles call for something a little stronger and sharper and the special gift for those special occasions is a groomsmen's hatchet or axe. A blackened stainless steel blade and contoured wood handle makes this a non-traditional groomsmen's gift for the guys who get impressed by the newest and most effective tactical gear in their bug-out bag. There are many uses for a good hatchet when you're in the woods and having one at the ready can make that camping trip a whole lot more easy and enjoyable.

What about a way to store all that gear and accessories and clothing for the trip? If your groomsmen already have the best tactical and hunting gear money can buy, you may just decide to get each of them a duffel bag with their initials embroidered on the side. If one or more of your guys really love to travel, then a sturdy high-quality duffel is the way to go. Heavy canvas is the best choice for long-term durability no matter where your misadventures may lead. Faux leather bottom and reinforced grip handles make these types of bags even more useful and reliable for a weekend getaway. These practical groomsmen gifts can even be purchased in sets of four, five, or more to accommodate every male member in your wedding party. Monogramming is often offered on these types of bags and it helps to give them a personalized touch.

The Sporting Type

Maybe you and your buddies have bonded over a favorite sports team. Perhaps there are rivalries among you over the teams from your respective alma mater. It's possible you guys just like to get together to watch the big game. Whatever the case may be, there are many great ideas for non-traditional groomsmen gifts for sports fans.

One of the coolest groomsmen gifts around is the personalized football. You can find them in three different sizes and they come equipped with two white panels that allow you to engrave any message you want, up to three lines of text. Most grooms will include the date of the wedding and the location along with any personal message that might be suitable for display in a man cave or den.

But footballs aren't the only choice for the groom who wants to hand out non-traditional groomsmen gifts. Personalized bobbleheads are becoming pretty popular for guys who once were athletes or wish they were. You get the likeness of each member of the party sculpted to recreate their exact facial features and you can even have each of their heads placed atop a body wearing the colors of their favorite team.

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