What to Get Your Boyfriend for College Graduation?

Graduating from college is one of the most important moments in anyone’s life, and a moment they want to cherish and remember forever. As a supporting girlfriend, you want to let him know how proud you are of him in a special way.





The problem is that he already has everything, and you’re running out of ideas. You also don’t want to give him something generic he’ll just throw in the back of a drawer somewhere. You want to give him something he’ll actually be able to use and love. Here is a list of gift ideas your boyfriend should appreciate. We’ve also included something for anyone, no matter their budget.

A Nice Suit

One of the most useful gifts you could give for any college graduate is a nice tailored suit. Any man needs a suit in their collection, and they might need one more now than ever. This is definitely something that they will appreciate, especially if they don't own one yet. You could also complete the style with a nice pair of oxfords, a tie, and a pocket square.

A Travel Steamer

Now that you have bought them a suit, you want something that will help them keep it looking nice. A travel steamer can be an absolute lifesaver if they have to give a presentation and they can’t get to an iron. These fit virtually anywhere and can be used at home too. This is one of the things that they would never think about buying themselves, but won’t be able to imagine a life without it once they get it.

A Personalized Watch

Another great option would be to give them a nice personalized watch that you can engrave with anything you want. It could be a special saying that means something to them, or just something like the date of graduation. You don’t have to go crazy either, as there are tons of services that will allow you to get an engraved piece for a reasonable price.


A Grown-Up Backpack

Yes, backpacks are for adults too, and can be another lifesaver if they end up doing a lot of commuting. However, you need something that looks ophisticated enough to enter an office with. Companies like Dagne Dover make great backpacks that are as sleek as they are functional. They’re also made using nothing but the best materials, and most of their backpack models are waterproof as well. Stuart and Lau is another brand you should check out.

A Great Gift Card

You should never underestimate the power of gift cards when it comes to boyfriend gifts. Guys love the idea of being able to buy anything they want from heir favorite store, so don’t be afraid if you think it feels impersonal. Another option would be to get them a great subscription to a service you’ll know they appreciate. There are some grooming clubs that will get them some premium creams and oils that they can use, or even underwear clubs that will end them some boxers or briefs every month. Not only is this a gift any man will appreciate, but it’s one that will keep on giving.

An Inspirational Paper Weight

Chances are they’ll now be spending a lot of time at their office if that’s in their line of work, and you want to give them something that reminds them of your support for them. One option would be to get them a nice paperweight with an inspirational quote on it. This is something they might end up using every day, and could give them that extra boost just when they need it.

An Accessory Charging Station

Men love their gadgets, but what they like even more is being able to use them. Get them a charging station so they can keep everything charged and rganized. This is another gift they’ll have an actual use for, and will definitely appreciate. You could also consider getting them something like a power bank. We’re not talking about the small power banks that can fit in a bag; we’re talking about something serious. There are power banks out there that will allow them to charge a laptop many times over. This is definitely something that they will love if they’re constantly on the go and rely heavily on their electronics.

A Nintendo Switch Lite

He may be graduating, but you know he’s still a big kid at heart, and there’s no better way to decompress after a long day than playing their favorite adventure game on the commute from work. The Nintendo Switch Lite is the miniature and portable only version of their popular Switch console. It’s lighter, uses less energy, and more importantly, it’s cheaper. It’s also a good option if they already own the console but want something more convenient.

A Full Knife Set

If your boyfriend likes to cook and wants to take their skills to their next level, then they’ll love this gift. Knives are the most important tool in a cook's toolbox, and they’ll thank you infinitely for it. Good knives will last a lifetime, and you can guarantee that they’ll put them to good use. If you don’t know what brands to look for, Victorinox, Messermeister, and Miyabi are all great options to start with.


If you didn’t know what to give your boyfriend for that special occasion, we hope we were able to help. With these few tips, you could end up finding something that they’ll remember and love for the rest of their lives.

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