Luxurious Groomsmen Gifts

It's your wedding day and the focus should be in your direction, but it's important to take a moment to celebrate the guys who have always been there for you. Before you walk down the aisle, be sure to commemorate the occasion with a thoughtful gift for all of your groomsmen.

Groomsmen gifts are a tradition that shows appreciation to your wedding party, but what do you get? Keep reading and find the answers to all of your groomsman gift questions along with our top-5 luxurious gift ideas.

What To Include In Groomsmen Gifts

The perfect gift exists but you need to keep several factors in mind before making your decision. Knowing what to look for can help you find the best groomsmen gifts for the occasion.


Receiving a decoration or commemorative item is nice, but a practical gift can be used, remembered, and appreciated far more often. Will your groomsman get much use out of the item? If not, you can probably do better.


The best groomsmen ever deserve something spectacular but the cost of gifts alone can be substantial, especially when you have a large wedding party. You have an entire wedding day to plan for, so it's a good idea to look at gift ideas within a predetermined budget. Typically, groomsmen gifts range from $50-75, which gives you plenty of options to choose from.


A common mistake when choosing a groomsman gift is assuming that you are getting something high-quality because the item had a hefty price tag. Avoid that mistake and take a deeper look into the product. Investigating customer reviews, product warranties, and specifications will give you a much better picture of what you're getting than the image itself.


Getting creative with a gift is not everyone's strong suit, but there are companies that make it easy to add your personal touch, helping you create the perfect gift for the guys in your wedding party. Whether you engrave their name in the gift or leave them a sentimental message, chances are your groomsmen will appreciate the extra thought.


When exploring groomsmen gift ideas, be sure to show that you know your closest friends by getting them something they will appreciate. The price and quality of a gift won't matter if it collects dust on a shelf somewhere. Find something that fits your groomsmen's style to make sure each guy enjoys his gift.

Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Now that we know what to look for, it's time to review some of 2022's best groomsmen gift options.

Personalized Money Clip

Depending on the style of your groomsman, a Stay Fine money clip could be the ideal gift. They make for a unique gift that has tons of functionality, including RFID technology, and an accessible money compartment. Money clips also let you place a personalized engraving on the front, inner-left flap, inner-right-flap, or all of the above.

Engraved Bottle Opener

If you're part of the drinking crowd, they may love an engraved bottle opener. There are plenty of options available that allow you to add a name or personalized message, so consider bottle openers when choosing the best groomsmen gifts for your crowd if that's their speed.

Custom Watch

A special time calls for a remarkable timepiece, especially for guys who enjoy looking sharp. For those who want to make an impression with their groomsmen gift, look no further than these unique, classy watches. With numerous watches to choose from, you can impress the entire wedding party without giving anyone the same gift, leaving all of your groomsmen with a truly unique token.

Travel & Toiletry Bags

It can be tricky to find an original approach while gifting travel bags but their usefulness will go a long way in some crowds. Whether they are international travelers or explorers of the great outdoors, you can tailor the contents of their bag to suit.

Personalized Wallet

When reviewing practical, functional gifts, it's hard not to mention Stay Fine's wallet collection. With multiple design options and three colors to choose from, you can find the perfect fit and style for each of the guys.

When To Give A Groomsmen Gift

Now that we have reviewed the most essential aspects of a groomsmen gift and some of the best options, when do you give it to them? As the groom, it's your decision, but most wait until the wedding to administer gifts. Of course, there are instances when you should select a different time. If you are planning to give shot glasses and will want to use them, the bachelor party is probably a more appropriate time. If the gifts you choose are bulky and you are doing a destination wedding, you should probably administer them at home.

While it may be customary in many places to offer the groomsmen a gift right before the wedding, some people don't want anything else to worry about on their big day. To avoid putting anything else on your to-do list consider doing gifts at your rehearsal dinner or when you have a moment alone with all of your groomsmen. This will ensure that everyone gets their gifts and you have more time to focus on the wedding.

Go The Extra Mile With Your Gift

For a groomsmen gift that won't disappoint, make sure it's a good fit for the guys in your life. Would they appreciate an engraved wallet, or would they prefer a luxurious watch to sport during the wedding photos? Whatever you choose, it will be one of the best gifts ever because it's personalized, thoughtful, and fits your groomsmen.

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